Once I've donated/paid for access, how will the livestream work?

  • Upon payment, you will be allowed access to all panels via a No Lies Radio livestream for all 3 days.
  • All panels are archived instantly here and will be available to you exclusively for 10 days after the event using the password.
  • You can join or rejoin the broadcast at any time.
  • If you paid, but have not had the time to watch any or all of the presentations, you have 10 days exclusive access following the event to watch the archives.

How do I submit a question during the Q&A period?

​24 hours prior to the broadcast, you will get a private link and password to the broadcast page​.
You will also get a private email address to submit your questions to the moderator during the broadcast.

Are all panelists available to answer questions?

No, a couple of our panelists have had to pre-record their presentations and thus will not be part of the livestream. Their talks are denoted by an asterisk.

Please note that the pre-recorded talks are all original presentations for the Deep Truth conference.

Who do I contact if I'm having technical difficulties ​accessing the livestream?

​Tech help will be provided on the broadcast page along with a help desk email address.

Where do the donations go?

​We are making no profit. All donations received will go towards helping No Lies Radio's livestreaming expenses.
No Lies Radio/No Lies Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit so all donations are tax deductible.

Will there be a running chat during the livestream?

No, there is an immense problem of trolls who, agent-provocateur-style, are paid to sabotage this form of community-commons free speech. Presentations of deep truth are especially hard-hit by this tactic, essentially denying audiences the opporutnity to participate via streaming chat .